Learn to regulate your nervous system

You will take away with you

Unique management of your personal nervous system and responses 

The capacity to recover from difficulties or challenges

Greater awareness of body and mind

How to maintain a new way of managing life

What to expect when regulated

To be more productive

To feel calmer and at ease with self and others

Self-awareness of body and mind in response to others

To enjoy working more collaboratively 

When not regulated you may experience 

Depression, low self-esteem

Anxiety, panic attacks

Physical, mental and emotional stress-related symptoms

Repetitive negative behavioural patterns

The program is offered both privately and corporately, online and face to face

Session one- Understanding your automated nervous body  

Session two- Recognising your automated responses

Session three- Becoming aware of alternative choices

Session four- Bespoke methods to build regulation and resilience 


Groups or one-to-one sessions can be arranged.

Sessions are one and a half hours one-to-one, or longer depending on size of the group.

For further information on the program and costs please contact me directly.


This program is based on Dr Steven Porges Polyvagal Theory. 

" I loved your kindness and caring approach. I felt safe in exploring sensitive information "

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