About Me


I am a qualified transpersonal integrative psychotherapist. I can work with you to navigate and manage the life situation that has brought you here. I have understanding and experience in the following areas of life crisis: depression, negative behaviour patterns, anxiety, relationship difficulties including divorce and blended families, complex trauma, low self-esteem, bereavement, physical and emotional trauma including PTSD, cancer treatment & recovery, and high-stress work issues.


My interest in psychotherapy grew alongside my early career in T.V., design, and the founding of a successful healthcare company. I found myself drawn to exploring the cycles of life and the part we play in it; I read widely about complex trauma and the nervous system and decided to commit myself full-time to psychotherapy. I trained in London over 5 years, first at Metanoia and then I completed a 4-year post-graduate diploma in transpersonal integrative counselling and psychotherapy at CCPE.


My training has enabled me to develop a way of working with private clients which reflects my interest in meeting, understanding and integrating the ‘parts’ of ourselves, which is a path to change our lives in a positive way. I am especially interested in neurobiology and how it affects relationships, behaviour and our sense of self. I have found meditation and breathing techniques to be helpful in my own life and can help my clients explore them if appropriate.  



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" I loved your kindness and caring approach. I felt safe in exploring sensitive information "