My Approach


My therapy is about the relationship, the safety and the quality of the bond that is created between us. That’s where the magic happens and the opportunity for change can occur. My clients can then build insight and clarity over positive and negative feelings, beliefs, motivations, thoughts, behaviours past, present and future.

The Transpersonal: meaning ‘beyond the persona’, or the mask that we show the world. Transpersonal psychotherapy is about the potential awakening and unfolding of consciousness that lies behind our life experiences. For me it’s about transformation and evolving on a path that feels truly and uniquely right; discovering ones purpose and the meaning behind personal problems and challenges.

My clients and I look at the painful and the positive together to create insights and reveal previously unknown qualities, helping to reveal a deeper understanding of who we are.

The Integrative: I have a bespoke approach for each unique experience. My training allows me to draw from a toolbox of different psychotherapeutic models - humanistic, existential, psychodynamic, somatic psychotherapy and the latest evidence based neurobiology for working with developmental complex trauma and C-PTSD to see which one of these sits best with helping understand who you are, where you are in life and what you may want for your future.

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" Her approach was of someone who cares about her patients as she showed me so many times "